Today I downloaded “The Artist’s way” as suggested by Tim Ferriss in Tool of Titans. I believe it has some techniques to let creativity flow through me. Found the kindle version and reading from today. I feel something is brewing inside me. Something is happening inside I cannot point out what and where in my body it is. It feels like its somewhere below my conscious mind as I am not being able to certain where it is happening. The energy feels around my head. Usually when any idea comes it is inside my head, this time around it’s as if its circling my head and is wanting a passage to get inside. There is a little fear too what if the book I have always wanted to write comes to me now what could I do to reach many people? I am a bit afraid but not over afraid. This time I want to let that creative energy to hold me and change my world. I want to let it make me the one, I fear the most sometimes; the realist, the truth


I still remember the first time is said to Shyam sir that I wanted to be a philosopher. It was in the old gate of Nobel college that was near the Bagmati river. I just feel that saying (that day to Shyam sir) till today inside my core. It was not like a wishful thinking I was going to be a PhD kind of shit. It was a kind of decision that I would take if I was given only one choice. It’s been almost 8 years since that happened. I haven’t written anything to show for. But I know everything that has happened after that; Jack Canfield and the hundreds of books I have read since is making me into one. Though I have been living philosophically lately I haven’t made a written or any evidence to document my thoughts.

That is why thoughts in paper. I am letting this morning writing (one of the techniques from the aforementioned book) to let the concepts and ideas and energy flow so that it is documented and I am thinking of later look back and make some article out of it.


Now Robin Sharma comes to me. Your personal journal is your personal autobiography. It was quite strong message but I was too occupied to actually start.


Since reading Tools of Titans I am having this quenching thirst to write. To let everything out. I was stopped by format and blog post and everything. I was even confused as being a trainer, I was conflicted should I write fiction or about emotion. But as I think it, Paulo Coelho comes to mind his books are inspirational and fiction, so no boundaries there. I can be that.

I was confused of writing in Nepali or English. But I will write in English. Nepali will be translated. I will tell people how I do it. If it works something inside says it will.

I will make people be more creative. And I think this book (The Artist’s Way) will indeed help me give a training or coaching in that too. I am a teacher that’s for sure.

I will be teaching how to be the source of magnificent thing.


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