I like Udit Narayan songs I used to hear them when I was preparing for my masters’ final examination. It was always in the background. I am very fond of this memory. Because it was during one of those songs that my life was changed. Well it’s not that the lyrics touched me and I realized something.

It was because it was the first time I applied for train the trainer online from Jack Canfield, my mentor.

This is a story I’ve said numerous times in many training but this is the first time I am writing this. I am listening to as you might have guessed, Udit Narayan’s playlist in YouTube. “Tumse milna bate karna” from Tere Naam is playing. Let’s see when that particular song comes. Till then let it be a secret 😉

I was, as I said preparing for my Master’s final examination, so obviously I was reading till late in to the night. And like everybody during examination do I was checking Facebook and probably reading something about Manchester united that was the only thing I did back then. I didn’t used Instagram till late in 2016. I had my reading desk faced to the wall. I used to study sitting on my bed with laptop somewhere in the table. So I used to be distracted a lot. So genius in me gave me an idea to face the wall and yes sit on the chair not in bed.

It was in one of those evening. I don’t remember the date or the day. It was obviously not an interesting day because it was like any other day. It was about 11 pm. That I know because I always checked the time in my mobile. I remember seeing 11 but not in a very concrete way. It’s just a vague one. But 11 works so let’s say it was 11.

I was may be searching something to post in Facebook. I posted a lot of statuses. Then in one of the pages came Jack Canfield. I searched and went to his site and as I was opening various links I end up reaching the page to register to be a trainer. I was, at that period interested in personal development. I had watched The Secret and it had changed my life. In fact, I got my name in the merit list for Master’s in Medical Microbiology by using the concept of visualization from the secret. I never knew Jack Canfield was in it.


Now comes the moment.


I started filling the form it was quite a detailed one. Somewhere in the middle it happened.

You see, I believe that we don’t remember everything, not all things are remembered. Everything we remember is a seed for something, to show us our path in life or a clue to unlock our journey. All the pain you’ve had in your life if it’s in your mind it’s a clue if you have the courage to go after it you’ll find something that you were meant to learn. If you have a memory of not having enough in your childhood, it’s a clue you have to find a way to have enough.

So what happened is, as I was filling my form, I was completely lost in the filling as the question were thought provoking. Something I had never thought so I was lost in thoughts. I was not aware of the song or any other sound there was outside my room in the hostel.

Like I said Universe, God wants us to remember the thing that has the potential to change our life. As I was filling, I just became aware of the song in the background. That moment is so clearly ingrained in my mind. I can still hear that song and still know how aware I became then, just like that. After that, “being aware” I remember, how I felt when sending the email. I even calculated the amount it required for me to get that course. It was a huge amount almost what it took me to get my masters. There was no way it was going to happen. My parents won’t give me that much money for an online course. I also remember thinking that I could ask my brother who was at Australia for the help.


That particular song has yet not come in the playlist I am listening. So let’s wait a bit. If it doesn’t then I will let you know at the end.


The other memory that I can’t forget regarding this TTTO by Jack Canfield was the next day. At our PG practical hall. I remember sticking half of body out of the window so that my friend won’t hear what I was planning to do. I was deliberately speaking facing the outside of the building and not towards the hall. I was on the phone talking to my brother. I said him about this course and I said to him the price and he agreed. I had previously searched and found that a portion of the fees might be waived if I was selected for a scholarship. I remember saying I might get the scholarship but even if it (scholarship) might not happen will he support me. He agreed. Please don’t say it at home I said, I don’t want them (my parents ofcourse) to know about this. He agreed.


The other memory I have is the most emotional one. I was at my laptop and probably preparing for departmental seminar. Then I got a call on my phone. A lady was calling and speaking English. She said she wanted to talk about my application in TTTO. The network was not good I went outside to hear her better. She was trying to say something I didn’t receive the signal so heard only broken words. Didn’t get anything. Then she asked me to come on Skype there she’d explain.


I went in my room and finally after almost 10 minutes of trying, I got connected with her.


She said she had some good news about the application. I was selected for the scholarship in the program. I was in tears. Now I didn’t have to ask for the total fee form my brother. It won’t be a big enough thing now for him too as I have a scholarship. My father won’t make it be another of my mistakes.


Then she said she had an even better news. I was actually selected by Jack Canfield to receive a 100% scholarship. Now I was so overwhelmed by happiness I was balling. I was hiccuping from crying. I was so grateful. I got a fucking 100% scholarship. I thanked Her and I still remember how much she was trying to console me. I have even promise her that I’d give her a hug for sharing this to me. That hug is till due. May be in future when I will attend Jack Canfield’s TTT live or BTS I will ask to meet her and Surely give her that hug.

I, since, have added her in Facebook and Instagram. I am in love with her two kids. I want to always be in touch with her. I will for sure one day meet her and tell her this story and give her that hug.


So I’ve completed the whole article but the song hasn’t come yet. But before writing what the song was that changed my life. I’ll go to YouTube search it and play then come then complete this.


………………………………… After 45 seconds……………………….


Did that. Well the song is “Jadoo Bhari Aankho wali suno” by Udit Narayan.

What are some of such memories you have? Think and dwell upon what do they mean to you?

And excuse me a bit, let me relive that moment of clarity once again.


-Your Awesomeness Coach 

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