When you say thank you nobody’s in charge.

Thank you is quite difficult to achieve. I don’t mean that Thank you, you give out of habit. Not that thank you which is just words. But the genuine thank you which you feel from the core of you being.

That thank you that, you know is genuine. That state of gratitude is usually very hard to achieve.

And often than not it overflows with tears from the eyes. Yes, that is the thank you I am talking about. That thank you is so interesting to me.

When you feel that genuine thank you, you may be thanking the person in front of you. But in that pure essence of gratitude, only gratitude remains and not the sender or the giver. Yes, once your thoughts are back you’ll give thanks to the person because you don’t know what you just felt. And our minds cannot, not understand something.

Again when you receive that kind of thank you, I bet you rarely will fell any ego boost because even you won’t exist. You in turn will just fell grateful that you could be a channel for someone to feel that great emotion of gratitude. You intuitively know that something divine happened between the two of you.

I know so many of us won’t be able to be conjure that level of gratitude because we have so much thoughts in our mind. Try this sometime today.

Sit in a place and find something in your surrounding which you think has added some value to your life. (Take this phone or laptop for example) Now think what it took the one who made that particular thing to be made. Thank that person. Then think of the first person who invented it. Who he/she might have been. Everything they had to go through in life just to invent these things for us to utilize. Now think of the exact thing you are seeing right now. How many people and how many things had to work out in perfect sync to this thing to reach in your home. Thank all the people and all the processes that had to occur for this to reach your home. Thank the one who might have gifted you this. Thank the one who praised you for the first time for owning it. Thank the one who made this home for you to have it here. Thank for everyone, from your boss to colleagues to everything that had to exists for you to have this job. Thank the government for letting you work. Thank that one which gave you life. Thank the planet Earth for having life so that you could exists. Thank this solar system. Thank the big bang.


Do you fell that somewhere in the thanking you were lost and only thanking remained? That is the egoless state most of spirituality talks about. It starts with being Grateful As Fuck.


-Your Awesomeness Coach

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