I tried to be famous in Instagram. Try to use all the tricks that I could consume from Gary Vee and so many others Instagram pages. I started a Facebook group. I use to do a podcast, did 25 episodes in 9 months.

And here’s what I learned from my failure in Facebook and Instagram.

You will only succeed if your content is good. I am not succeeding because the simple and hard fact is I don’t make awesome content. I was not ready to be shitty in the start.

I already wanted to write the greatest blog ever. Wanted to have a daily vlog like Gary Vee with all the team and all. Or have the presence of Jay Shetty in Facebook.

I watched their interview and did all the hacks they told well most of them. I ignored the most important of them all. First you’ve gotta make good content. The content people would like to consume.


I was and probably still am making such. Even this post. But now I want to do the shitty beginning.


I thought in my own mind that what I was posting would get a lot of likes and engagement. I just had arrogance that people didn’t liked my content because they weren’t as evolved as I was. They weren’t ready for all this Awesomeness. What a lie!


The reason I am writing this is that I want to share with you what has happened to me and what made me focus in the thing I said I would always do. The one thing I always wanted to do even before Facebook and Instagram were born. That is to write.


I didn’t write because as you might have guessed I thought I was shitty. I did everything to increase my Insta following but not actually write. I thought Instagram, Facebook people didn’t understand me and in writing I thought I was not good enough.


Several things prompt me to finally do this.

#1 My wife: Recently she told me the hard truth that there might me something in my Insta and FB that I was not doing well. Basically, what she was trying to say politely was “You are a shitty creator”


#2. Tim Ferriss: In his Tool of Titans in one of the chapters. He said something about the beginning of everything. His first blog posts. Gary Vee’s first video for wine library. It’s not up to their today’s standard. I learned “You’ve gotta be willing to be shitty in the beginning”. I remember a quote by Robin Sharma “All change is shitty in the beginning, messy in the middle and beautiful in the end”. You have to start Shitty.


#3. I am ………. The answer to this question is the final lesson in starting what you always wanted to do. I am a social media influencer was the tag I wanted to have. I am blue tick in Instagram. I am a great podcaster. All these of the things gave me a great ego boost. It felt great to have those tags in front of your name I thought. What is the lesson here?

Well I also said something that I said with myself only. In my solitude. I am a writer. So what is the thing you always wanted to be? What is the one thing you love in other influencers?

When I say “I am a writer”. It doesn’t give me an ego boost. It gives me peace. I know something intuitively. That I would be living happily if I did that. What is the one thing you feel peace seeing yourself do? Let me make you clear. I was afraid to say that in public. It took me 30 years to actually start this blog. I remember in my bachelors days around 2007. When there were problems going at the college. One day after a depressing meeting with management and it was a week or more of we boycotting our class because our demands were not met. I went home that day, closed the door and wrote a page. I wrote how Charles Dickens was a boy cleaning label off beer bottles. This phase in my life, this frustration, this dark future i see now, is my bottle washing phase. That day I said to myself i would be a write and i’d write when I want to write. I’d write when its difficult to write. I’d write when words are difficult to flow but I would write no matter what. Its 2018 now and I never took this seriously. I wrote a few poems and few articles. Posted them in Facebook when Facebook notes were in hype. Getting few comments and few likes were all that I strived for then. But i got caught up in life and did my masters. And did the aforementioned Fb and Insta fame chasing after that.

So why I didn’t i start it earlier. Why didn’t I shared that I wanted to be a writer? Because I knew that was my only shot at happiness and if I said and didn’t become a successful one. The only chance I had at happiness would also go from me. At least saying myself that, in my solitude of mind, I always had a bright future in my fantasy to look forward to.

If you’ve come this far reading I am humbled. Let me know if you, at least, read till here.

So why am I sharing this? I just want to let those of you not starting because you feel like me. I want to make you do it. It’s because you do feel happy doing. I am not a good writer or I don’t know how many of you’ll actually read this. But I am finally willing to take a chance for my happiness. I do feel a great sense of peace when I gave up all that impressing I used to do in Fb and Insta. I just want to write and share.


Closure: What is the thing that’s running in your mind now? What do you want to be? Complete the sentence below: “I am …………………………….”


-Your Awesomeness Coach

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