You might not know but yesterday (3rd April) was “The Good People Day”.


I know that is not something that was taught at school or something you might have heard. But that is the precise reason we need to start celebrating it.

This was a day Gary Vee (@garevee) urged to people to talk about good people. To blog about it, to make a video or just share about it. It was 2008 April 2 when he urged to his then followers to start celebrating it on April the 3rd.


Yesterday I saw his post on Instagram and was intrigued if such day actually occurs. Being a Nepali I am not aware of all the day celebrated on the western world and I thought it might be one such say. There’s St. Patrick’s day so may be there is the good people day. I was wrong and I realized it was something Gary had himself made up to appreciate people who were doing good things. Who actually were helping people and who were actually adding value to others. Not just monetary wise but also with just being a good human being.


Before writing this piece I watched his 2008 video in YouTube (Link:  and man it inspired me.

Now I will watch his most recent video posted 12 hours ago about the same theme. Let’s see how it is. I will be back after watching it.

Here’s the link (




That thing about positivity always hit me hard! Always!

The main stream media always shares what is wrong because it is sensational and that attracts viewers attention. Remember how certain media display the breaking news and have you realize that it is also playing a subliminal programming in our mind. It is a “breaking” news that subconsciously makes us believe that the world is itself “breaking”. Which in fact has such an impact in us that whenever we make some problems we tend to think our world is “breaking”. This is how main stream media is programming our mind. The question is “Will you let them do that?”

I decided almost 9 years ago that I was not going to read or watch THE NEWS. I came to know how it was making my mind and body full of stress hormones because what we see in a screen or a paper has the same effect as having the experience. Which means reading a story of accident has the same effect physiologically of having one! Imagine how stressed you might be by the time you go to your work just because you had to read the newspaper so that you won’t feel left out.

Yes! The reason we can’t easily give up reading news because it makes us fell that people will think we are not informed and that we translate into being “less than” someone. But I’ve realized in these 9 years it won’t matter. Some really big news tends to find its way to your ear. In addition, if you haven’t heard or read yourself, you are more interested in the story and actually end up giving more attention to the person sharing it. You not only have less stress hormones in your system but also have new found super power to listen to people, double win.

So this day, though it is a day late, I want to make a vow to myself and more so to Gary Vee that every year on April 3 I will post a blog or video or something to share his message of making positivity louder.

Till next time this is Your Awesomeness Coach Ojesh, I love you.


Your Journey to AWESOMENESS task for today: Share in your Instagram or Twitter or Facebook or any where you can some positivity and share some story of good people.

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