What do you tell when you know that what you tell will only kill their fragile confidence?

You can see plain as a day that they need to be told the truth because that is the only hope. Maybe the truth will set them free.

But the truth just acts like a nail in a coffin.

What can you do when deep down you know, not saying will haunt your conscience? You’ll never be able to forgive if the student doesn’t make it.

Is it only me that feels such a deep sense of “this”? I don’t know what it is. I thought it was responsibility but somewhere responsibility just stops at duty. Yes, I am responsible for completing the course. Yes, I am responsible for teaching stuff, but what is this deep deep desire to share the naked truth?

Sometimes, I can’t even point directly to them when I say it because they don’t feel strong enough to handle it. Many a time I have misjudged their strength. Saying things too heavy to digest.

I have often wondered was the message worth not being delivered.

And I confess, I genuinely don’t know.

It is so emotional to me and I haven’t been able to make it rational.

I am writing this to ask my educators and teachers. You may be teaching anything. A school or college or even teaching a child to ride a bike.

Do you have this urge?

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