You know the time when your own story is cut into pieces. The Lies you’ve hiding behind. The lies you have been saying to look good in the outside well is removed. That mask. That shadow is no more hidden from the world.

The world knows your truth now, you are naked. Isn’t that a sign that lies hides you? It’s a mask? As I was reading Yuval Noha Harari’s Species. He tells why we as human came to be the alpha of the mammals. He tells how we, the one who had to live on scrapes back in the days because we weren’t the biggest or the mightiest one. Almost any one could have killed us but we survived. He says its
because we started telling stories. We could tell stories of what lies beyond that river that no man had ever crossed. We could develop plan before hand and then even take down an elephant. Because we could tell stories. Stories were good to pass our knowledge to our offspring. Stories led us to be the alpha of the food pyramid.

The other thing that remains struck with me was a phrase that said about why we rising to the top was immature because we weren’t prepared to be the alpha. Look at lion how majestic they looked and how majestically they lived like the king of the jungle. We on the other hand were accidentally at the top and weren’t ready to be the king. Look what we do to each other on a daily basis. We kill each other in name of My God vs Your God. We are Humans but end up being humans from different counties. We dress up according to the climate we live in but end up “Story tell” ourselves its our culture.

Story was a good thing back then when survival was the prime motto of our being. Now we’ve won the war and sadly we still play the same story of fear and we still are afraid of being found out. I understand being seen as unfit to the community was a huge price to pay back then. Being removed form the community was a death sentence. But now there’s no predator and ironically there are not much forest left anyway.

Why do we still have stories as our cover when there no getting away from this then. The world lives on internet and there no getting away from that. You will never be getting away from your Tribe again. So why do we do it then? Why do we still want to fit in this small world of ours when the whole world is open to us? Sadly its also the stories we are telling ourselves. Not that we should have told ourselves but the one that everyone else around you wants you to tell yourself.

Its comfortable to live in a small place. Do a small time job. Have kids and live in and around your kids. Its easy and less energy consuming. You might think energy consuming is not the main problem. People trying to do easy thing is the main reason for them making y family, my country, my god. I beg to disagree.

Its all the cycle of energy. If only we knew food was enough for the whole life we ( not me,not you) would ever work for somebody else.
If only we knew that all this hustle was for energy and not money or luxury our way of life would be different.

Money buys you stuffs, because only money can buys stuff in this economy. But all those stuff you want are ultimately for you to feel the abundance of energy you feel when you have them. You want money for the freedom you think you will get when you have them. You won’t have to think again about how you are going to get it. Thinking is a loss of energy and a rather ineffective one. You buy luxury because un-luxurious life is more energy consuming.

Just think anything you’d like to have in life. Anything. Why do you want it? Filter through all the logic and try putting this question on top am I trying to conserve energy or have energy by doing this? Come on do it, it only takes 2 minutes. After you’ve completed it then read further.

You’ll see its energy we are after. Money, accolades, awards, everything gives you energy. Basically we live our life to have those
moments of energy bursts.

But let me give you a truth that I just realized as I was writing. Its always available. Tomorrow you will wake up and you’ll have energy regardless what you did today. Even if you did an intense physical labor and your whole body is in pain. When you go to sleep you know that small amount of energy you thought you had will be multiplied and in time you’ll heal.

Stop chasing stuffs try to find things that drives your energy meter crazy.

Today I realized its writing. This made me loose my sleep. Basically by 11.30 I am almost always sleeping or just watching videos or just talking. Not today.

What makes your energy pump? Singing? Dancing? Accounting? Photos? Blogs? Reading? Cooking? Sleeping? Observing old people talk? Looking at the birds? Taking care of the dogs?

What is that “Story ” that bathes you with energy? What is your “story” my friends?

-Your Awesomeness Coach

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